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-_- Take time acknowledge the damn stamp please. DO NOT ask me for requests, unless you are a friend.
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You can calls meh aj~
I'm in highschoooll~~
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Animes I Will Start watching soon:

To Love Ru
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My FAVE Anime's so far!:
Angel Beats!
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Soul Eater Not!
Samurai Champloo
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I LOVE writing and drawing, anything that lets me express myself, whether it be musically or artistically.

Requests are for friends.
Commissions are kinda available.
I can draw for you or write ^^ Which ever, but I do traditional art currently, so I have to get my printer working again, before I can post more drawings.

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: D I do role play!!! If you wanna role play with me just say so! I don't bite ^^
=.= oh, and please do not start a role play with me if you intend to make it all about your oc or yourself... It will cause me much stress and make me very passive aggressive towards you.... ^u^ Aaaaand I might just not reply if you do something over the top! And their shall be no controlling of any oc's but YOUR OWN. Unless you ask me first, when we role play.



Anyone up for rp? If so, note me over BlueSheepIII 
Btw, I'm gonna try to finish Durarara.... or re-watch it at least. Meh. MEHHHHHH. MEEHHHHHHHHHH-*shot/murderdeathkilled*APH England: /shot Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) The Sound Of......  AND DID ANYONE SEE THAT GIANT WEEK OF BRAND NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE CAUSE OMG I LOOOOVED IT
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I got 8 x reader's deleted .-. Needless to say that I will resubmit them. -_- And this time I'll put some fucking disclaimers on them, good fucking grief. 
  • Listening to: Cherub
  • Reading: Death Note
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: That one game where you role play
  • Eating: Yogurt and strawberries
  • Drinking: Water

    It was late and your friend had just left. It was the end of the weekend and you hadn’t anything better to do. So of course, you searched the internet for random things to do when bored.

Eventually it came up for you to go to Omegle.

You stared at the screen blank-faced, constantly giving the ‘esc’ button and light nudgewhen wanting to desert the stranger. It got boring after a while, you grew tiresome of seeing the same old faces and groups of people on a large loop. However, you landed on a screen with an image of a character- no…

It had looked like a character…

A  character from a zelda game you played as a child, and still occasionally did. Link?

Only, he looked real… Really real. And his eyes weren’t the most inviting things on earth, yet they drew you in to stare.

He blinked. You jumped back a bit and then typed in the words.

“Nice cosplay.”

He didn’t move, yet the screen said ‘Stranger Typing’

This did make you a little uneasy.

At first you laughed light heartedly, thinking it was some cute boy in cosplay, but once you saw the words

‘I’m BEN’

Your blood ran cold and you immediately switched sites. But oddly enough, you had the brilliant idea to go to cleverbot.

Your fingers raced along the keyboard and you typed,

“Who drowned?”

A reply, “Me” was typed back quickly.

You sighed, thinking it was a joke.You typed back “Who’s me?”


You tapped your foot nervously. Suddenly the power went out.

    You froze and your breath began to get heavy. Not wanting to venture out of your room, you ran to your bed and buried yourself in the covers. Thats when you heard the door creak open.

Slow footsteps were heard, and you could feel a sharp hand gripping at the covers. It pulled harshly as you let out a loud scream.

You looked up at the person responsible. It was the same boy from the omegle image. He smirked darkly.

“Ben is here~”

    You just stared blankly as the fear slowly left your heart, but oddly, you didn’t mind him being there. You sat up and looked at him skeptically. Thats when his hand gripped your wrist tight and pulled. You whined and a vacant feeling crept into your heart as he pulled you close, but your eyes were dazzled, staring at him in awe. You never got why those girls in horror movies just stared, but the relation was slowly creeping in.

“Why don’t you play with me anymore?~”

    You simply stared blankly. It was like.. whenever he talked to you… the fear just left. You almost laughed light heartedly, but nah, you weren’t gonna be that dumb.

“Are you trying to scare me?”

He blinked, a little- no, QUITE flabbergasted.

“Um… yeah.”

Upon realizing this, you covered your mouth, attempting to hide you giggles. His face shaded red

“This isn’t funny! Be scared dammit! You began to laugh loudly,

“I would but you’re so adorable when you talk!”

His face twisted in embarrassment and and surprise, he tried to make a comeback, but all he could do was stammer. You smiled and stopped,

“Oh-Oh I’m sorry, I’ll play along. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

At this point, he didn’t even know what to say, so he just stared at you blankly. ‘This bitch is nuck n’ futs…”

Clearly feeling what was going on, you sighed.

“Maybe you can come back another night and try again?”

His eye twitched “Um… Yeah sure.”

You grinned,

“Great~ I’ll see you tomorrow then.” and with that, you turned over and fell asleep. His mind boggled, ‘Did she seriously just fall asleep when I could just slice her throat or something...’ He began to leave. He thought you were weird once for sure, but it made him look forward to the next night. However, everytime he tried, you were just up, waiting for him with an oddly happy smile. Eventually it was him who was starting to get scared. Eventually he didn’t even show up for the sake of scaring you, it was just nice to be around you. You never were scared or thought him to be weird, of course you had seen a lot of horror in your days. You never really has friends to talk to so he was pretty much it.

    One night, he didn’t show. It was 4 am and your eyes were barely open. He started worrying you, did you make him upset? You certainly hoped not, especially since as much as you tried to ignore it, you had feelings for him. Every night that he would come was magical. You couldn’t take it anymore, your eyes felt heavy, and without even realizing it, you drifted off to sleep.

    It was five when Ben had finally shown, he ran over to you and looked to see you were asleep. He was surprised you actually waited up all night. But he couldn’t leave you in that position, your neck and back would be fucked up the next morning for sure. He laid in the bed and pulled you close to him, a blush forming on his cheeks. He sank into comfort, feeling your warm body close to his. It felt so right to have you in his arms. He nuzzled your face softly and let his lips graze yours gently. Your eyes flew open and locked with his, your voice was tired and quiet


He smiled sheepishly, “Sorry I’m late… Anyway I can make it up to you?”

It took you a minute to fully process what was happening, but you soon realized, he was holding you. That alone caused your face to shade to a tomato.

“T-This is enough… But a kiss wouldn’t be ba-” He cut you off, eagerly pressing his lips to yours. You practically melted in his arms instantly. After letting his tongue explore your mouth briefly, you pulled away,

“Is it ok if I love you?” you mumbled quietly. You didn’t expect him to hear, or respond, but he nodded with a grin.

Your eyes lit up, but before you could say anything, he pulled you closer.

“I love you too… But seriously it’s five am, sleep.”

You giggled softly and cuddled up, “Gnight Ben~”

“Gnight (Name)~”
Ben x Reader (Oneshot)
Ono a long overdue story for :iconratchetgirlrules98:

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Alois quickly pulled his clothes on.

“Good god, Claude, I can’t hear your damn head rattling.” He flung a robe at you and left you there on the floor.

“Get dressed. And stay here.” He left the room. Claude waited a bit before glancing in at you, then he turned sharply and followed Alois.

    You had had enough of this, you weren’t going to just let him violate you like this, whether you died or not trying to escape; it was better than being with him. Tying the silk belt of the robe tightly around your waist, you gathered up clothes. You tied your hair up in a tight bun. Looking to the window, you paused for a second. You could hear Alois yell for all his other servants followed by footsteps. You couldn’t help but to form a smirk on your lips. That rat bastard would never see you again. You opened the window quietly, looking down you realized how far of a drop that was.

    Dear god in heaven if you ever needed to pray, it was now. Still, broken legs were better than this place. You carefully positioned yourself and without looking back, you leaped. Pressing the arm full of clothes to your mouth, muffling a reflexive scream, every muscle tensed and you braced for your landing. You felt your weight dragging you closer and closer to the floor. Suddenly you stopped, and felt yourself dangling. All you felt was bad news as a pit made itse;f known in your stomach. Still, you looked up to find several silver knives pinning your robe to the wall, stopping your fall. You couldn’t see any kind of cause for this, but your head snaked to the corner, only to see a man with crimson red eyes, and black hair with a smirk, walking away.

“Stay put there, dear.” he called out to you.

Oh hell no. HELL. NO.

You were not about to risk being kidnapped AGAIN. You shimmied your way out of the silk robe, leaving you to fall into a bush in nothing but your nudity. Great. You winced and yelped slightly as you could feel some branches tearing a little bit of your skin. Needless to say, this wasn’t the most comfortable situation, but you could work with it. Quickly locating the clothes, you carefully maneuvered through the branches to get to them. After briefly picking some leaves, thorns and twigs from your skin, you slid into the clothing. You could see a path from where you were standing, and you sprinted towards it. Your heart was pounding, and after a while you felt tired. Still, not even that kept you from running. The only thing you could think to do was run. Just run! Run to the ends of the earth if you had to! Just get away from it all! You ran for hours, until your feet were practically raw from it all, but you needed to keep going, you were almost to the city, when you were there, you could hide.

By the time you got there, the sun was nearly down for the night. Every hotel was closing up, and every restaurant was packed. If you walked in looking how you did, they would begin to question you. You could finally stop running, and let yourself get lost in the crowd of people. And then you spotted a bunch of empty crates in an alley. You didn’t fancy it one bit, but it would have to do. Your only concern was making sure you didn’t get found. You carefully moved the stack of boxes and picked one up, balancing it on your head. Carefully stepping into one of the crates, you lowered down into it , letting the one on your head, cover you. You were so hungry, your feet were crying aching terribly, and your skin was nicked up badly. Still you were too tired to care, curling up in a ball, you drifted off to sleep.

~~~ Back at The Trancy Manor~~~

“WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?!” Alois’s furious voice echoed through the house, as everyone of his servants searched around the house.

“HOW COULD YOU BLOODY TWITS LET HER GET AWAY?!” He screamed furiously, kicking over chairs and practically tearing the house apart.

“My apologies master.” Claude said quietly. Needless to say his rage was bottled up, not only at the fact you had escaped, but at the fact that Alois was able to enjoy his time with you as he did.

Meanwhile Ciel and Sebastian were in the carriage, on their way from the Trancy manor.

“Did you locate (Name)?”

“Yes young lord, however my trap was not elaborate enough. My deepest apologies.” He bowed his head shallowly.

Ciel scoffed, “Clearly that goes without being said.”

The woman made no movements, she didn’t even seem to breath, but her eyes followed you. It sent chills down your spine, her eyes were practically burning holes through your skin. It was like the paintings… The one’s that followed your every move. You needed, to get out, get away. You couldn’t stay here again. You weren’t certain how that was going happen, quite frankly you didn’t care, you had to get away.

“Can you please let me use the restroom?”

The woman just stood there for seconds, but after what seemed like a shortened millennium, she turned and walked out. You were assuming she meant for you to follow, and you did. As she led, your eyes snaked around the room, looking for some kind of exit. Just one little thing, even a vent. Nothing. Nothing but window that had endless white nothing behind them. You’d be stuck here.

Soon enough you got to the bathroom.

You quickly rinsed your face and rubbed your eyes to the point where they might burst. You just didn’t know what to do anymore. Coming back to Tyki was just restarting a vicious cycle all over again. Your insides dropped into a bottomless pit, just thinking of your newly written fate. The rushing water from the sink echoed in the room, and you stood there, in despair. A few knocks from the other side of the door snapped you back to reality.

    Upon finishing up, you exited, and the woman took you back to the room. She didn’t enter, instead, she stood outside like a guard dog. You had read stories about rapunzel; girls who were trapped in towers by dragon’s, but you never expected something like that would happen to you.

An hour passed and Tyki returned, he looked tired, and upset. If you hadn’t been scared for your life, or had a deep hate for him, you would’ve bothered to ask what the cause was. But when he entered, he didn’t even seem to notice you. All he did was plop on the bed next to you contently.

“Miss me?” his voice was distant. You gave no response, instead, you pretended to be asleep.

You could feel his agitation.

“Don’t pretend to be asleep.”

You still gave no answer, but he was too tired to teach you a lesson or taunt you, instead he sighed and turned over on his side, and fell into a peaceful sleep. You however, couldn’t, the terror in your situation was all too real for you to even begin considering resting. You stared at the wall you were facing, just letting the time tick by. You couldn’t tell when it would be night or day, this house made it impossible. The only thing that was ever behind those windows was white… Just white. Not the sun, nor the moon and stars. Just white.


After several hours, he finally woke up. He didn’t bother checking on you, all he did was go to freshen up. As soon as he came back he picked you up and walked out. You couldn’t help but fear what he was going to do. But he brought you to Road. She was in her room, boredly staring at her assigned homework. Her face rang quite a few bells, but for some odd reason, whenever you thought about her, your mind went foggy, and you got dizzy. It was weird.

She didn’t bother to face the two of you,

“Are you ready?” Tyki nodded, with a sly smirk. That’s when you felt your heart practically jump out of your chest. He could feel it, and his eyes shifted to yours.

“Don’t worry~ You won’t feel a thing~”

Before you could realize what had happened, you felt road place her hand against your forehead,

“Sweet dreams~” She said,her voice pitched with deviousness. Everything went black.
Anyone up for rp? If so, note me over BlueSheepIII 
Btw, I'm gonna try to finish Durarara.... or re-watch it at least. Meh. MEHHHHHH. MEEHHHHHHHHHH-*shot/murderdeathkilled*APH England: /shot Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) The Sound Of......  AND DID ANYONE SEE THAT GIANT WEEK OF BRAND NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE CAUSE OMG I LOOOOVED IT
  • Listening to: Cherub
  • Reading: Death Note
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: That one game where you role play
  • Eating: Yogurt and strawberries
  • Drinking: Water

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